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It's a known fact that the lack of personal budgeting is the single most reason why South Africans fail at spending their money wisely and ultimately establish a resentful relationship towards their money. The long-term consequence of this is huge amounts of stress which leads to a host of other physical and emotional problems like, poor health, anger, frustration and ultimately a very unhappy person. At ZARfin we would like to give you a free budgeting tool which will revolutionize your life forever! All you have to do is download this simple tool, save it to your PC desktop, phone or tablet and complete the YELLOW blocks only and watch your budget take shape in under 10 minutes. There is also a separate worksheet for every month of the year and a cool pie graph which will build as you populate the YELLOW blocks and show you exactly where you're spending your money. Most importantly, it will show you whether you have a monthly surplus or deficit. Enjoy this Budgeting Tool and if you could invest only 20 minutes per month doing your personal budget, you could save yourself a great amount of heartache by taking the biggest step to your financial freedom - Planning YOUR money...

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