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alrick sangster

ZARfin is a financial planning service that will assist you in establishing a better relationship with your money. ZARfin is headed by Alrick Sangster who has 27 years experience as a Commercial Banker at First National Bank and is a fully accredited Financial Planner. We have the in-depth knowledge and insight to advise and guide you to financial success and beyond.

While our services are focused, our products are comprehensive. Prepare to learn more than you expected about the possibilities concerning planning, retirement, investment and saving, and life or risk insurance. ZARfin can also assist with your short-term insurance (vehicles & household), health or medical insurance, last will & testament and banking & mortgage.

The Financial Engineer will lead you along the path to financial freedom as he moves you from a debt cycle into a savings culture. In this world of call centres, ZARfin maintains a value system where you are an interaction, not a transaction. Experience a better relationship with your money now.

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